React Async is a library without visual parts. Only the DevTools have a user interface you can spin up in a browser. Therefore the development workflow for the core library might be different from what you're used to. Generally, we use a TDD approach:

  • Write a unit test for the new feature or bug you want to fix. Sometimes you can just extend an existing test.

  • Fix the test by implementing the feature or bugfix. Now all tests should pass.

  • Optionally refactor the code for performance, readability and style. Probably this will come up during PR review.

We use the GitHub pull request workflow. In practice this means your workflow looks like this:

  • Fork the repo (or pull the latest upstream) under your own account.

  • Make your changes, commit and push them. We don't enforce any commit message format.

  • Open a pull request on the main repository against the next branch. Make sure to follow the template.

  • We'll review your PR and will probably ask for some changes.

  • Once ready, we'll merge your PR.

  • Your changes will be in the next release.

Working with Storybook

We use Storybook as a development environment for the DevTools. Spin it up using:

yarn start:storybook

This should open up Storybook in a browser at http://localhost:6006/ Run it side-by-side with yarn test --watch during development. See Testing.

Working with the examples

In the examples folder, you will find sample React applications that use React Async in various ways with various other libraries. Please add a new example when introducing a major new feature. Make sure to add it to now.json so it is automatically deployed when merged to master.

To run sample examples on your local environments

yarn build:examples
yarn test:examples
yarn start:examples

Resolving issues

Sometimes your dependencies might end up in a weird state, causing random issues, especially when working with the examples. In this case it often helps to run yarn clean -y && yarn bootstrap. This will delete node_modules from all packages/examples and do a clean install.

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