Server-side rendering

There's a good chance you're using React with Server-side rendering (SSR), as many applications require this to be successful. If you happen to be using Next.js, it's really easy to integrate React Async. The crux is in setting a initialValue, which is fetched server-side for initial page loads and passed along through rehydration.

import fetch from "isomorphic-unfetch"

const fetchPerson = async ({ id }) => {
  const response = await fetch(`${id}/`)
  if (!response.ok) throw new Error(response.status)
  return response.json()

const Person = ({ id, person }) => (
  <Async promiseFn={fetchPerson} initialValue={person} id={id}>
    <Async.Rejected>{error => <ErrorMessage {...error} />}</Async.Rejected>
    <Async.Fulfilled>{data => <Greeting {} />}</Async.Fulfilled>

Person.getInitialProps = async ({ req }) => {
  const id =
  const person = await fetchPerson({ id })
  return { id, person }

If React Async is provided an initialValue, it will not invoke the promiseFn on mount. Instead it will use the initialValue to immediately set data or error, and render accordingly.

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